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vondelparkatelier.nl is a small but high end Amsterdam based international art school that focuses on (1) the development of artistic creativity through practice of skills, (2) the linking of the different art disciplines, and of classic and contemporary art. Unless explicitly announced otherwise, all courses and workshops are in English.

Our courses (fixed time table) start every 2 months, while our workshops can be organized on request, within a week. To ensure individual feedback, group sizes are kept small (for workshops, the maximum is 8). This allows our teachers to schedule most classes in their individual studios. The school also runs a summer program.

Our main objective is to offer high quality art education. To us this means that any class should be clear, thorough and, last but not least, inspiring. To meet and maintain this objective, new staff are assessed not merely on artistic skills, but also on academic level and didactic talent.

Our present staff consist of Peter Dammers, Maarten Welbergen (both visual artists with over 20 years of teaching experience), Henry Kalb (theater), Ales Lipovsek (language and literature), Olga Bednarz and Julia Gajewska (graphic arts).

Classes/Sessions generaly take place in the Amsterdam Vondelpark area, and for larger groups at our Harbour Art Room (H.A.R.) in IJmuiden.

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